Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Dear friends,

Firstly I wish all my friends and dear ones a very happy & prosperous new year. Today I am happy as my little Studio Renée has completed two successful years. When I look back I just started with one light set, my camera Canon 50D and a small space. I had a believe in me and someone’s faith that "Yes I Can Do", and see Yes I proved myself with all my hard work Today I own a big studio which is really big as per other studios, have full light set up, and the most achieved thing is my own Canon 5D Mark III with full kit. All this I have achieved by day and night hard work and blessings of my almighty, parents and friends. The journey was not so easy, there were so many up n downs, sometime I thought weather I will be able to prove my work to people. But somewhere in my heart I had a believe that I am giving my 100% so my Lord will surely give me a reward for my work, lastly I got my reward. 

Today is the first day of Year 2015 and I want to utilize all 365 days to make Studio Renée bigger and bigger.Today I am at my studio doing editing of my recent shoot. I pray to Lord please don't allow me to sit and waste my time. I will be happier when I am overloaded with lots of work and this year I am ready for all the challenges and goals I have set for myself.

Enjoy the year with lots of fun and share happiness…!

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